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Welcome To A View From Another Soul's Shoes!.......a work in progress...

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Waikiki Natatorium
The Queen's Player
Aloha All,
Next up:
Flash Mob Mele Hula at the Natatorium
May 30th 2014 4:00pm  to Sunset
2017 Chaos Ordered
2016 Aria Caria Curios
2015 Beethoven's 9th; Carmina Burana; Messiah
2014 Threads & Variations
2014 Threads & Variations 
2013 Holiday Christmas Concert
2012 Faure's Requiem
2011 Never Meant To Be This Happy
2011 Sacred Music Festival
2010 Sacred Music Festival
2007- 2009 Honolulu Symphony Chorus  
Orff's Carmina Burana | Beethoven's Ninth
2008 Voices of Kalaupapa | Donald Reid Womak, Composer, World Premiere 
2008  Carmen, Emilio Sagi, Director