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Thoughts and Reflections on How to Accomplish the Goal
We may have met a long time ago and again recently at a Natatorium meeting; you may remember I am 100% committed to having it restored for the purpose of swimming.
What seems so obvious to me is how urgently the pool is needed now for our Veterans; as well as for people from all walks of life. The recovering wounded warriors, our handicapped and elders seemingly are being disregarded, as if they are invisible and have no desire to ever swim again.
Shall we provide these individuals (some of whom have lost limbs) with an easy entry into the balmy Pacific waters? Wouldn't they also love to swim, safely protected in the ocean pool? Shall we once again hear the joyous sounds of family fun ringing through the arches of honor?
How many times on the nearby wall have we seen a person in a wheelchair longingly gaze out at those having water fun? Have you engaged them in conversation? How many of us have a family member in a wheelchair or relying on a walker?
We the citizens of Oahu have generously shared Waikiki with millions of visitor for many years; now I ask all of those visitors to help us restore a world class Olympic ocean swimming pool for all to enjoy.
We are aloha and Hawaiian values in action, when WE, the People, EMPOWER the Natatorium reconstruction goals with our energy and effort. Imagine how you will feel in the decades to come knowing you helped restore the ocean swimming pool.
From the healthy to those with restored hips, to your relatives and our returning service men and women; all should be able to use the ocean pool that was designed for them. It is money worth spending, investing in our future well being, as well as for all those who visit Hawai'i. As my friend, Curtis "da bull" Iaukea, used to say to me and others "Go, go get in the ocean, it's good for you."
Just yesterday I met Kelly and Robert from Kansas, newlyweds as of Saturday.
I had noticed them near the lifeguard stand at the beach next to the Natatorium and later when they passed by me I introduced myself and asked if Kelly had been able to get into the ocean. She smiled up brightly at me and beamed "Oh Yes, it was my first time at the ocean." Robert explained a nearby hotel had lent them a type of sand wheelchair that he was able to navigate to the shoreline.  Asked if the Natatorium was reopened would they be return visitors for a second try at getting into the Pacific? The light in Kelly's eye's and smile on Robert's face was all the answer I needed to understand how wonderful it was for both of them to feel this lovely ocean and what an opportunity we have for all the Kelly's and Robert's of the world, by restoring our ocean pool swiftly.
Please join in working on the restoral of the Natatorium forthwith.
Hawai'i Assets which can be brought to bear:
  • recruit from the talent pool we have and from those training in the schools of Hawai'i.
  • utilize the project to further the  working skills of the students and newly graduated and create opportunity for the unemployed.
We have:
  • Excellent corps of civil engineers, oceanographers, divers, large scale construction contractors and concrete experts and others familiar with new techniques. 
  • innovative student populations; who can create new apps which could generate revenue for the ongoing restoral costs.
  • a fantastic volunteer Citizen force experienced with charity events.
  • strong community business participation in sponsorships and endowments from corporations, hotels, realtors, merchants, individuals. 



  •  we can uncover and tap into unused existing corollary funds.


Obviously, many want the Waikiki Natatorium War Memorial to remain a part of our iconic shoreline which is why it is still here waiting for our lovely hula hands to reshape her new figure and 21st century destiny.
Thank You, I look forward to meeting you at the Natatorium.
Detail Blanc

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