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Welcome To A View From Another Soul's Shoes!.......a work in progress...

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We all need a little Grace in our Lives, whether it be of Spirit or Body, so Breathe a little Breath of Grace full of Thanks for the Moments given to You today . . .
How did I become involved in yoga?
As a young dancer I looked up to girls in the corps de ballet and often before a performance I would listen and watch as they carefully prepared each foot for their pointe shoes. . . I wanted to be like them in all but one way...  I wanted nice pretty feet and every dancer I had met by the tender age of 12 had the history of their careers imprinted in the very shape of their foot; bumps of bones and blistered toes pressing out in all directions.  I decided then there was much to learn about movement and shoes! 
Yoga was presented to me around 13, it went well with ballet and I have continued practicing most of my life.  In 2012, I became Certified Registered Yoga instructor teaching the anatomically focused B.K.S Iyengar methodology.

I believe if we learn to hear, and focus our breath, we will have a positive effect on our health . . . and we just may make our feet a little prettier . . . 
Please enjoy your life.

Restoring our Vigor

The ancient practice of Yoga has been making the rounds at medical schools across the world. With the advances in neurology, scientists are uncovering why yoga done properly, restores health, hope and happiness. With the nervous system 100% dependent on the breath, Anyone with a Desire can gain internal peace and flexible strength, it is as simple as standing, sitting or lying down; actions we repeat hundreds of times a week. Please email me for a private yoga class and upcoming locations.

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Join us each day as we take a few minutes to wake up our body and mind.